About the Museum

A visit to the museum complements the tour of the Pyramid of the Moon with its depiction of aspects of the life, city, and environment of the Moche.  It also illustrates the worship of power and of the Mountain God (Aia PAEC), featuring the Moche iconography as the architecture of the site does.  It features unique pottery of great beauty, originality and symbolism.  Among the artifacts are the Pato Guerrero (Warrior Duck), the Sacerdote Ciego (Blind Priest) with a scarred face depicted in a shamanic trance, and the Feline Mantle (Manto Felino), a small garment covered in gold leaf on a base of cotton and leather that is decorated with feathers.  This was used in rituals such as the Coca Ceremony.  The museum has been designed to be visited without the necessity for a guide.


The Moche Pyramids Museum aims to improve the conditions of the research and conservation  processes carried out by the Temples of the Sun and the Moon Archaeological Project, and to promote and disseminate the knowledge gained about the site of Moche as the main center of the Mochica society.

It is designed to promote the strategies for enhancement and social use of this monumental heritage site, increasing the influx of tourists and strengthening links with the local community. The museum is intended to be a vital space of conservation, research and dissemination of knowledge.

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